Bending of tubes Manuals

Bending of thin-walled, starting from 0, 9 mm in carbon steel tubes. Good quality curve and easy to operate.

Construction in high quality materials guarantee a long service life.

Are they provided with lever force in pipe Schedule.

There are two models available:

DT1A recommended for bending tubes up to Ø25, 4 mm x 2 mm thick. With 90 cm lever.

DT1B recommended for bending tubes up to Ø38, 1 mm x 1.6 mm thick. With lever 180 cm.


– Extension curved arm to use large forming. Maximum diameter 400 mm.

– Roller box to replace the gate.

– Metric matrices and special radios.

New model DT1 manual pipes bending machine

curvadora y dobladora de caños y tubos