Tubes end forming.

We manufacture tube end forming machines: reduction or expansion of ends of tubes, in one or more steps.

  • Systems of segments, by radial thrust without clamps: mainly used for pipes for exhaust pipe of thin walls, very fast operation, and operator safety.


  • System with thrust and clamp: model aboquilladora of pipes that allows you to enlarge or reduce the tube end for thin or thick wall pipes. Several models are available from 1″ to 8″ Sch 80. Applications: furniture, scaffolding, automotive in general, naval, public lighting tubes.


  • System by push with clamps, several steps.


  • System by rotation and radial thrust CNC: various parts are obtained. Automotive use, air conditioning systems.


  • dobladora de caños y tubos - reductora de caños DMZ
  • Abocardadora de caños - dobladora de caños y tubos
  • aboquilladora de gajos
  • curvadora y dobladora de caños y tubos
  • curvadora y dobladora de caños y tubos
  • dobladora de caños y tubos - Aboq roladora


Aboquilladora by push

Aboquilladora by push of several steps

Aboquilladora segments – ABOQ-80 radial

Aboquilladora push